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Notice of Address Change

     Recently I’ve been designing a new website to host my blog.  The content and everything will be transferred over, and the focus will still be the same.  In addition, I will  be overhauling a few of my articles; most importantly The Math section.  I will be using an overall template for each Math series, which will hopefully help the reader.

Here’s the new address:

           //Drive on.



Hello, and welcome to my new blog revolving around anything and everything automotive.  I’ll be using this blog as a sort of information terminal of sorts for the technical and mathematical aspects of cars, as well as my own sanctuary for random auto news.  

I will be creating 4 different categories for my posts, so look for them in the future.  Near the top, where there’s a “Home” link, I’ll add seperate links to each different category to create an easier access point.  These categories will be:

“Auto Basics” – summarizing the basics of the automobile, as well as an indepth look at certain parts for the uninitiate.  I’ve been teaching my brother these things, and if he can understand it, then it should suffice for those non-gearheads.

“The Math Behind It All” – Here I’ll be going really far into certain parts of the car.  I’ll use math to explain how some parts work, and the tuning behind it.  The math itself won’t be too complicated, but you must have a certain understanding of cars and/or physics to fully apply this in real life.

“Auto Spotlight” – A glimpse of a certain car(s) with its reception, its performance, as well as my own personal opinion.  I will try to provide as many facts as possible to give people a summary of the car.

and the last, the “My Horizon” section.  This will be my own opinions and rants.  They will probably be related to news on the auto industry, as well as opinions on older cars.

Well, that sums up the introduction.  I hope you enjoy the blog, and that it has somewhat educated you during your visit.  Please come back for more updates.

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