Vroom = Math?


     As a society, we find assurance in math due to their binary nature.  It’s either right or wrong.  There is no “I prefer”, or “I believe” within math, and that makes it so much easier (to a certain extent).  Everything can be reduced to math (mostly).  And math (to me) makes everything easier to understand.  It gives us a certain way to relate, compare, and think.  When you look at a car on the road, I doubt the first thing that pops into your mind is “MATH”, or “I wonder what the exact numbers are behind it”.  But if you want to understand how something works, using math is one of the best ways to go about it.  Just like how being able to teach a subject means you truly understand it, its the same for math and physics/engineering/worldly dynamics.  We might be able to explain “why” a part works using words, but to understand it using math is completely different.  From the chassis to the engine to the suspension, every part is designed using math.  And if we can figure out how each of these parts was designed with math, we can pick it apart and eventually understand it better.  In a world of ebb and flow, of constant change and infinite unknowns, the basics of math keep us grounded in reality and truth. 

     This is why I ultimately delve into the math behind cars: to critically define, compare, and ultimately, understand them.  Because in a way, to understand something is to enjoy it.

     //Drive on.


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