What is a sports car?

     There is no clear definition of a “true” sports car, nor should there be one.  What a sports car is should be up to both the automaker and the buyer.  And what we all desire from a sports car differs too.  Some people prefer styling over performance.  Some crave pure power.  To some enthusiasts, a “true” sports car is supposed to have its powerplant behind its driver.

     This is what dictionary.com says:

sports car


a small, high-powered automobile with long, low lines, usually seating two persons.

     That probably describes the typical sports car: one with lots of horsepower, large enough to accomodate only two people, and aggressive styling with a low center of gravity.  But that doesn’t have to be.  We can have 4 door cars that are plenty fast too right?  Or a small Lotus with less than 200 ponies.  Two doors, four doors, two seaters, single seaters, they can all be sports cars.  Or < 200 hp cars as well as 1,000+ beasts.  From Mazda Miatas to Bugatti Veyrons, price is no factor either.

     So just what is a sports car?  I think a “true” sports car is a car that has soul.  Yes.  A soul.  A car that, when you look at/drive/sit in makes you feel.  It can be any feeling.  From a fleeting sense of pride, to a gut-wrenching fear.  When you get in the car, you can feel the work put into it by the people who built it.  I think that’s the difference between a sports car and just “any” car.  “Any” car is made to go from A to B with minimal fuss, but a sports car is made to from A to B with feeling so that you want to keep on going till you reach Z.  It’s it’ this feeling that the car’s soul imparts on you, whether for a millisecond, or for a lifetime.


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